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09/07/08 10:14 AM #19    

Lisa Price (Bryant)

Lisa F/(B)--It is amazing the amount of energy the kids have and it's very contagious isn't it? My kids go to school in Cole Camp, where we live, and this weekend has been the Cole Camp Fair. Who would ever think that a town this size would generate such a huge gathering!!! Our band, flag corps, and cheerleaders ranging from K to 12th grade did such a wonderful job. It really makes me reflect back and regret that I wasn't "allowed" to participate in activities in school. I encourage my own children to try anything they want to. If they start an activity though, they must finish. Since Frank and I are split up, my kids will have the opportunity try more things. It's been Elizabeth's (11) dream to be a cheerleader since she's been in school and this is the first year she's been "allowed" to do so. If you check out my profile, I'm going to be posting some pics of E cheering at her first game yesterday (9/6/08). You can see the joy on her face!!

Has anyone heard from Velma Poland (Williams)? She was my hangout buddy the last couple years of high school...boy, the fun we had and the booze we drank!!'s probably amazing I didn't die of alcohal poisoning!! LOL!!!

09/28/08 12:54 PM #20    

Jody Manuel

What a great evening! I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with everyone.
Thanks to all who had a hand in putting it together,

09/28/08 03:00 PM #21    

Matt Menefee

I had a really great time too. I would like to thank Julie, Lisa, Mark, Dean, and all the others who put the reunion together. Great Job!

I have a video of the "Cheerleaders" that I would like to distribute. It is over 50 megabytes, so if we could put it on this site for anyone to download, that would probably be easiest.

Let me know if this is possible. Otherwise, anyone who wants a copy can email me at, and I'll email.

Oh yea, only 5 more years until the 30 year reunion. I hope everyone who came to this one will be back in 5 years, and maybe some of those who didn't make it this time.

Thanks so much and I'll be checking back to this site often to see how everyone is doing... take care!

09/28/08 06:17 PM #22    

Eddie Horn

Kenny Schwickrath:
Great job on pulling off the cheerleaders. The highlight of the night for me was seeing your big ass in those whitey tighties you had on and picturing you at the beach in that speedo. After that we should have changed the cheer to " Taco, Burrito...whatcha got in that speedo...!!!!!

Julie Ryan:
Thanks for all of the work on the reunion....I think it was definitely a good time had by all. Are we doing a 26 year reunion??? :)

09/28/08 07:06 PM #23    

Chris Young

This website is great. I know that it helped us to catch up on many lost years.

I'll add my thanks to EVERYONE who played a part in this weekend. I'm glad we moved our plans to attend.

Something I wanted to mention is that for ongoing communication, several of us have reconnected on Facebook ( It makes it very easy to find classmates (both from our class and others) and maintain ongoing communications with them.

I hope you will all seriously consider signing up for this free service. I hadn't been involved in a social network like this, and kind of thought it was mostly for high school or college students. No more, though.

See you on Facebook?

Chris Young

09/28/08 08:30 PM #24    

Cameron Kellogg

It was good to see every one, glad I finally came to one of these school activities. every body looked great.

To the people that did all the work, great job. I didnt realize how much I would enjoy seeing every one again. I hope to see more of ya"ll in the future.

09/28/08 08:43 PM #25    

Christian Farris

WOW! What a great time had by all who attended. That was the best reunion we've had to date. I think it had a lot to do with this website and Julie Ryan Lindstrom is to be commended for her efforts with putting this all together.Thank you to Dean Roe for renting the building for all of us. GREAT JOB! I really enjoyed seeing everyone and laughed so hard at our homegrown cheerleeders and their skit! I still think you guys should have done the splits and a few flips but you were great and didn't miss a beat since the pep rally over 25 years ago.
Sorry for all the confetty it's just that scritch-scratch gave me the biggest bag and I thought it would last all game but we scored so many points I was out by halftime.
For all who missed you need to do 25 pushups, 25 situps and 25 laps at Jennie Jaynes Stadium ASAP! lol

09/29/08 10:26 AM #26    

Angie Thompson

What a GREAT turnout!!!! Thanks to all that attended this year's big 25th!!!! We hope everyone really enjoyed it!! Thanks Mark for getting us going and keeping in contact. It was sure great to see everyone and catch up...just like old times.

09/29/08 01:07 PM #27    

Lisa Price (Bryant)

I can honestly say I've NEVER had so much fun and laughed so hard as I did Saturday night. It was a blast...and I only had 2 beers!!! LOL!! I liked the game Herbie had us do and how it showed us that we've been friends, some us for close to 40 years. It really puts a perspective on things doesn't it? LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Macarina and Ketchup Dance, Mark you are sooooo MENTAL (as my kiddos would say!!LOL!!). I really liked getting involved and helping to put things together and feeling a part of that. It was something I was never allowed to do in high school. I actually worked on my project with my 11 year old daughter and it brought us closer together, and she's so creative.

My gosh, I think we're the best looking 25 year reunion class there could be. Can you imagine our 50th!! The guys up there with their canes, walkers, oxygen masks.... and all of us hooting and hollering, wheezing and coughing...!! Hee Hee!!

Julie and Lisa--What a wonderful job in organizing things and getting us involved in the process. I'm still going to work on finding some more missing classmates to get a bigger turnout next time. Everyone, if you can think of someone you'd really like to see that you've lost contact with, try to find them or let me know and I'll work on it for you. My email address is if anyone wants to contact me. I'm going to check out facebook although I've never done anything like that.

I did get a lead on my good friend Velma Poland (she was my maid of honor when I got married). I think it was Chris Young that got me lined out on that!! Thanks Chris!! I looked up the website you told me about, sent an email, and got ahold of Geoff Williams. Geoff and Velma (Annie is what she goes by now) divorced in 2003. He's living in Minnesota, she's in New Mexico.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful time. I was hoarse the next day from all the talking, laughing, and screaming. If any of my peeps would like to get together and do something sometime, my email address is . I'm going through a divorce and it'd be nice to do something with grown ups every once in awhile. You parents out there know what I mean. Everyone take care and let's plan for the next reunion!!

09/29/08 02:00 PM #28    

Randy Paxton

I had a great time as well. I don't get around Sedalia too often so it was good to see some of the town as well. Thanks to all who helped coordinate the reunion. You did a great job. I'm already looking forward to the next one. I spent a lot of time talking to some of my close friends but I also got to talk to several who I barely knew in school. Thanks to all.

09/29/08 03:12 PM #29    

Scott Rose

Julie Ryan:
Thank you so much for all the work you did, to make such a great reunion!
I would also like to thank Lisa Braverman and Dean Roe for all of their time and hard work!
To everyone else involved in helping decorate, planning and anything else, thank you!
I had a great time both nights talking to eyeryone and catching up on old times.
I will have to say that I had a hard time leaving Saterday night! I did'nt want the night to end!
Wow, what a great great weekend!

09/29/08 03:32 PM #30    

Julie Ryan (Lindstrom)

I haven't had that much fun in a very long time. It was a much needed weekend reconnecting with everyone. It was truly a labor of love planning this reunion and it was good to see so many people cutting loose and laughing so much. I posted my pictures to Snapfish and Kevin Walker has a ton of great ones on there too- thanks for taking so many pictures Kevin!

The highlights of the evening were watching those cheerleaders get ready in the back room, Schwickrath getting everyone so fired up all night, Herbie's grade school game and of course wearing my crown. I am still hoarse and exhausted this morning, but it's a good kind of tired. I think we should do this every 2 years! At the tailgate when we were getting a little rowdy I was watching all my fellow Foundation members. All they would say was, "You guys have a FUN class." It's great to see we've still got it. Thanks for being there!

09/29/08 04:59 PM #31    

Kevin Walker

Hey everyone, had a great time at the reunion. Just to let you know all the pictures I took on Friday and Saturday are posted in the photo gallery. Hope you all enjoy them. Thanks for a great reunion. Thanks for all the hard work. Keep in touch.
Kevin C. Walker

09/29/08 10:07 PM #32    

Matt Menefee

I was able to put a link on this site to the video I took of our wonderful "Cheerleaders". Notice the new option in the left hand navigation, "Videos". The link points to" target="_blank">, yea i put it on youtube!

If anyone wants a permanent copy, I can burn it on CD and send it to ya. Just email me at, include name and address, and I'll burn it for ya and send it, no problem.


09/30/08 09:11 PM #33    

Dawn Stetzenbach (Messerli)

Thanks for the pics of the reunion for the ones of us who could not make it. I really enjoyed seeing them and looks like everyone had a really good time.

10/18/08 01:14 PM #34    

Chris Young

An update for those who saw S-C rack up the big homecoming win: last night (10/17/08) we beat Harrisonville 31-24. Last year, Harrisonville won their 3 straight state title (and something like 42 consecutive games in the process). Coming into this game, Harrisonville was #4 in the state (one or two places ahead of us), having only lost their opening game of the season to the team that is now #1 in the state. Well, we're now 8-0, and on our way to an undefeated regular season, assuming we keep our eyes on the prize! Go Tigers!

04/11/09 03:27 PM #35    

Daniel Breeden

I just wanted to wish all of my classmates and their families a safe,happy and blessed Easter Holiday.

07/01/09 12:05 AM #36    

Daniel Breeden

Holiday Tip #423. Never hold your punk and your favorite adult beverage in the same hand. One wrong twist of the wrist and your Holiday is ruined. Have a wonderful 4th of July everyone!

07/05/09 03:46 PM #37    

Alvin Jones

I hope everyone from the class of 83 had a safe and fun july 4. look forward to seeing you all again.

07/22/09 03:40 PM #38    

Daniel Breeden

You know you are getting old when Opie Taylor (a.k.a. Ron Howard) is on the cover of AARP Magazine. Early Bird Special anyone?

09/28/09 04:03 PM #39    

Julie Ryan (Lindstrom)

Hoping to see many of my classmates at SC Homecoming this weekend!!

05/28/10 10:12 PM #40    

Daniel Breeden

Have a safe and sound Memorial Day everyone. Please remember those brave Vets that sacrificed their lives so that we can have our freedoms. God Bless.

09/24/13 08:34 AM #41    

Linda Bell (Garrett)


09/24/13 08:39 AM #42    

Linda Bell (Garrett)

Hey Class of 83...I hope everyone is doing great.  I found these photo's of two lovely ladies from our class. Can anyone guess who they are? Well if you said Linda Bell and Julie Coble then you've got it! Ding,Ding,Ding...Im sure not much has changed in the last 30 years.laugh

If anyone knows how to reach Julie, please pass this on. She might enjoy a good laugh.


Thank You;

Linda J Bell

10/06/13 06:24 PM #43    

Daniel Breeden

Many thanks to EVERYONE who attended the 30th Anniv parade and party!! You guys are beautiful both INSIDE  and OUT!

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